Sunday, December 6, 2009

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

as sick as a dog

Today I didn't feel good when I came home from school.
my throught was soar
I was light headed
head hurted
my tempachure was 101.0
so today I had to stay home from school. Even know I had a big ss test today.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

bad boy Lukas

Today i was holding my baby brother Lukas. Suddenly i felt something warm. my mom said he probably jest pooped i was OK with that because he had a dipper on. so after a hafe an hour i gave him to my mom. once he was of i looked at my pants and i found out he tinkled on me. It was so Gross.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

baby lukas

A week and 4 days ago my mom had her baby. Its a boy his name is Lukas David Giras. He has black hair peach skin and black eyes. (for now). He is the cuitest thing on earth! Besides me! Hes still in the hospital but hell be out about wensday. I cant wait. It will be so much fun with him around. Where going to play sleep and eat all day. well at least eat and sleep.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In a about 1 month 1 week and two days twilight the new moon will come out. I am so existed. I have all ready started the 3 book. I know what your thinking how can i all ready be on the 3 book. Well i said i started on the 3 book that doesn't mean i have read the 1 and 2 book. I jest thought i should get a head start on the third book before the 3 movie came out . I know it would be about 2 years till the 3 movie came out but its good to get a head start. And i all ready read 5 books this summer so i am getting Bord. so i better start reading soon.

A Twilight gift

Today my dad left me somthing by my door. Guess what it was. It was a poster , 4 pins, bookmark and a key chain. Guess what it was of . It was twilight everthing. I was so happy. And guess what my mom got me. Twilight earings. Thay are so cool. To bad thay dont come in today.


I cant belive it twilight the new moon is cooming out soon. The first chance i get ill go and see it. The first twilght movie was cool. But i guess the new one will be better. I dont know about you but i am the biggest fan of twilight you will ever see.